Weight Loss Patch vs Raspberry Ketone Pills

Today you can find lots of weight loss supplements to help you get rid of those nasty fats. The real question for many people now – which one to choose?

We going to compare Weight Loss Patch and Raspberry Ketone – two quite popular weight loss aids.

Weight Loss Patch

Easy to use, quick to apply, well hidden, you can take it any time.

But – not so effective because some specialists say some active ingredients can be lost during the processes of absorption through the skin. And if you have some skin problems it is not for you too.


Raspberry Ketone

Good results, many success stories of loosing weight with Raspberry Ketone, quite easy to use (if don’t forget to take it)

But you need to take it all the time, some minor side effects.


As you can see both have some good points and some bad points and it is suitable for different people. Anyway I think you will never know what is good for you until you try it.

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