Some Tips On Fast Lose Weight

In general, is it possible to lose weight in just one week to up to 5 pounds without starving while? Well, actually it’s real, you may not be able to lose 5 pounds, but 3 pounds will be dropped for sure! To do this, you need only to start eating right. So what does eating right means?

Unfortunately, the reason for the extra pounds is almost the same for all people and this is the most common reason among others – an unhealthy diet. A person who has excess weight, except from being uncomfortable in doing the day to day activities, is also subject to high risk of developing lifestyle diseases.


How to lose 5 pounds in a week? 

We are fond of eating high-calorie foods but you should know that it’s just a major cause of accumulating harmful cholesterol in our body. Cholesterol is the root cause of the appearance of dangerous diseases such as coronary heart disease and atherosclerosis. Such diseases in most cases prevent older people to live normal life.

But today, many young men and women are exposed to the negative effects of these diseases; with an increased risk of heart attack. Many people die at a younger age. Some had not even reached the age of 30. Thus, it is important to consider the information that you can read below to improve your lifestyle and as a result live longer. You will understand how to eat properly and lose weight in a week.

Generally you can lose weight in a week. You’ll also get rid of some negative effects and the emergence of diseases such as atherosclerosis, ischemic heart disease and other similar diseases caused by excess cholesterol in the blood in the future. So lets start with analyzing the food.

Below are products and foods that you should not include in your diet:



Butter. This product is considered one of the most caloric of all fats, because the content of harmful ingredients for the human body is very high in this product. In general, all products that are made from animal fat have a large amount of cholesterol. Of course, you might be asking yourself how you can live without the use of butter. But if you will stop and think critically you will find out that you can completely avoid the use of this fat, for example, in the mashed potatoes. You can always use milk with higher fat instead which is a great substitute for this since its cholesterol index in it is medium to low. Such milk is perfect for adding to your food instead of butter. If you have something to fry, better use olive oil or vegetable oil. However, it is also advisable to minimize or eliminate completely frying of your foods.

Mayonnaise. Totally abstain from the consumption of mayonnaise. This product is popular in many countries, but the it contains a large amount of cholesterol because the big part of mayonnaise is egg yolk. Egg yolks contain a lot of cholesterol.

Sugar. This is quite harmful product. If you want to lose weight, minimise its consumption in any form. Do not add it in your tea, coffee and do not drink beverages with a lot of it such as the lemonade.

Solt. It is also very harmful product if you do not know the right way of taking it. This is dangerous to health and spoils the figure, especially for women. You will not lose weight in a week, if you consume this harmful product.

Fatty meats. Basically, these are fatty beef. Generally, during the dietary recommended to consume meat are only boiled or cooked in the oven like chicken. If you do not know what part of the chicken is the recommended for your diet – it is the chicken breast. Chicken should be cooked thoroughly and make sure to remove its skin first. You need to remember that people basically have to consume more organic vegetables instead of meat. Thus, excluding any protein diet.

Delicious sweet candies, chocolates and biscuits. An excellent source of sugar, they contain carbohydrates that are absorbed by your body very easily. When these carbohydrates are not used as energy, it will be stored in the body as fats.

Forget the flour products – all kinds of buns, bread, etc. In general, the various techniques recommended in any dietary program are to completely abandon the white bread. If you cannot live without bread, then replace it with the rye bread and consume as little as possible. This is a very good replacement for white bread. Such bread, moreover, is very nutritious and tasty; it has a very low calorie – 13-14 kCal per loaf. You can always find the caloric content of the product just by looking at the label of its container. Plus rye bread contains fiber. This fiber prevents the rapid absorption of carbohydrates, which are being stored as fat and form the basis of weight problems. Also, using a small amount of this bread make you feel full throughout the day.
If you stay away from the products mentioned above, the process of losing excess weight will be much easier and faster. Good food – is the foundation of any diet, whether weight loss, or vice versa to gain of weight, in particular muscle.

What is recommended to consume:



Vegetables. All vegetables are generally recommended to consume as fresh, they can be in the form of salads or just as a single peace. A low-calorie salad recipe is very simple and you easy can lose a couple of pounds in a week by eating them. For the preparation of the simplest and most affordable salad, pick lettuce, finely chopped cabbage, carrots, green peas and season it with a mixture of olive or vegetable oil. Prepare low-calorie stew, which also contribute to your quick weight loss in just a week.

Fruits. Fruit, of course, are also very good as vegetables. They are low in calories, very tasty and healthy. But we must remember that it is best to eat fruits in the middle of the day, as they contain a sufficiently large amount of fructose.

Seafood. It is better to prepare seafood meals by boiling it or cooking it in an oven. Do not include shrimp on this list as it is high in cholesterol.

Porridge. Porridge is a good replacement for sugary foods as well as a source of carbohydrates and fiber. When cooking porridge, it is best to cook it with water or mixtures of water and milk. Most popular porridge especially in women are buckwheat and oatmeal porridge. In addition to being very tasty they are extremely good for the human body.

Thus taking advantage of our recommendations on what to eat and what to avoid, you will find the answers to the question of how to lose weight in a week quickly and effectively without harm to your health.


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