30 Simple Tips To Lose Weight

Many people asking the ultimate question: what helps you to lose weight? We searched the internet to find the best Quick fat burners.

1. First an egg, and then the chicken. In fact, we are not going to continue the age-old debate about which came first – the chicken or the egg. We just want to encourage you to start the day with protein foods which stimulates fat metabolism. For example, eating protein for breakfast and one boiled egg for lunch. You can add a slice of bread from whole wheat flour with low-fat cottage cheese, flavored with fresh herbs and soy sauce. By the way, soy promotes active development of gastric acid and, therefore, stimulates the digestive process.

2. Exercising in water is both useful and pleasant. It is necessary to finally buy a ticket in the pool, or better yet, sign up for water aerobics classes. Because of the resistance of the water every move is 12 times more effective than on land. At the same time, such movements are like in gymnastics since our body in the water is ten times lighter than the conventional weight. Even a simple jog in the water is already very helpful in losing weight.

3. Broccoli. This sort of cabbage is not particularly popular. However, this type of vegetables are rich in vitamins A and C, which increase the elasticity of the connective tissues, it has a lot of zinc, potassium, iron, selenium, but most importantly, broccoli contains sulforaphane. This is a special substance that prevents the deposition of fat in the body.

4. Aerobics with a mop and a vacuum cleaner. Did you know that an hour cleaning the house burned 250 calories? Which is equivalent to the calories in a chocolate bar. Ten minutes walking or climbing stairs burn 100 calories. Therefore refrain from using the elevator and use less of machine when working around the house.

5. Reduce your calorie intake with 100 kcal, and you’re good to go! What if you just immediately reduce the daily ration of 100 kcal and forget about all the gastronomic arithmetic? This can be done simply by giving up the usual glass of cola, eat vegetables instead of chips, replace chocolate with bananas. With this, you will see the glorious effect soon enough.

6. Less is better. More often than not you are siting down on the dining table not because you are hungry but because it is already meal time. There is nothing wrong with it. However, for those who want to lose weight, it is better not to eat until the stomach is not stating its needs. The fact is that when in the state of hunger, the body produces stress hormones glucagon and epinephrine which also regulates fat burning.

7. Abundant dinner under the moon light. Try to build your feeding regime in accordance with the lunar calendar. For
example, sit on a strict diet during the growing moon – it is waist of time. Usually about this time we have an appetite like a hungry dog. Stomach now and then cheekily moan: “Look, let’s eat this one piece of cake, huh? Or this nice burger.” and you can’t resist it. Wait a little for the waning moon, when your body will resist to all these cravings much easier.

8. Give yourself some lemons. Citrus fruits, especially lemons, will be a big help or weight loss, as they contain a fair amount of ascorbic acid. Ascorbic acid has an amazing ability to reduce blood cholesterol levels. It promotes normal metabolism too and the burning of fast is much more active.

9. Be sure to include in the legumes in your diet plan. The calories in it are not that high and anything that you will get from it will be digested right away. It also helps in the clearance of excess fluid, which is often the cause of obesity.

10. Tea, tea, come help me out! Try drinking green tea instead of the usual black tea. Honestly, over time you will find it even tasty. And most importantly, it contains polyphenol which speed up the body’s metabolism; thus, expends more calories.

11. Cold Water Shower! Take a cool shower in the morning with a gel containing verbena or tea tree oil. At the same time try to use stiff brush all over your body. It will make you warmer, and the skin becomes more supple and fresh.

12. I like to have fun, especially food. Hunger – is not only physiological, but also to a certain extent social feeling. Sometimes the mere appearance of colleagues happily gathering for dinner, or your mother’s voice calling you to eat “until everything finally cooled down” can make you feel hungry although at a physiological level you have no need for food. Therefore, instead of perching at the table, take a walk. A half-hour daily exercise is the best way to optimize fat burning. And do not try to say that you do not have time especially if you’re just going to spend it for something to eat.

13. The more you sleep, the more you want to sleep. We have a good news for you. Without any effort during a night’s sleep a person loses on average about 400 grams. Can be more, if at night you will not only sleep, but also engaged in sex. Just do not try to tell him that you are doing this in order to lose weight … this is very offensive, of course!

14. Do not worry, and chew! Nutritionists advise to leave your dinner table with a sense of light starvation, such as you do not mind to chew on anything else. Well, then chew! Simple gum for example. Firstly, it helps to clean teeth from food fragments, and secondly, the process of chewing requires something around 30 calories per hour. Not much, but, you see, after all, it still works.

15. Energize without effort. The idea of spinning the bike wheels instead of eating a piece of cake, of course, seems to us a robust and highly productive, but … in an abstract form. When it comes to you personally, enthusiasm somewhere disappears. Here you are back from work – tired and nervous. The only thing that you can now do is to keep calm is a big portion of fries and a slice of chicken. You want to slowly, with feeling, consume all this while reading a new novel. And turn around the wheels – you do not want it at all. You can certainly make yourself to do it, but it is better not to. The benefits of training in this case is practically zero, and negative emotions that you experience by forcing yourself to use this simulator can provoke brutal hunger.

16. Can you loose fat without sphygmomanometer? If you still intend in the near future to experience the joy of victory over yourself (in the sense of exercise), by all means purchase a sphygmomanometer. This is the sort of thing for measuring blood pressure. Why is it necessary? The fact is that only those effectively eliminate their stored fats who trains with the correct heart rate. To calculate the required value, it is necessary to subtract your age from 220, then multiply that number by 65 and divide by 100. If you exercise in lower intensity your fat is simply not burning. But too high is dangerous. This means a decrease in muscle mass which is fraught with various, trouble.

17. You will never see fat mermaid. Maybe because they are always splashing in the waters where the slime, algae and other smelly stuff, which has, however, undoubtedly have useful properties to normalize the water-salt metabolism and enhance skin elasticity. Fortunately for us, these products are cultivated now and you can buy them in any cosmetic department. Do it by all means.

18.Everything in our hands and hands in gloves. Regular massage with loofah mitt or sisal not only make your skin soft and smooth, but also in the most remarkable way affects the subcutaneous layer of fat. Furthermore, such massage improves the blood circulation and metabolism. Massage can be done on dry skin, and you can drop on the glove some gel with stimulating essential oils such as rosemary or lemon.

19. Do not sulk from this vinegar. This refers to the apple vinegar. It is of course will still be sour, but eventually you will get used to it and even get the hang of it. You need to drink the first portion (a tablespoon of vinegar in a glass of cold boiled water) immediately after waking up. And two more times 10 minutes before lunch and dinner. This cocktail contains a lot of various vitamins, and in addition, acts as a super-efficient fat burner.

20.Do not believe your eyes! If you do purchase food on the way home from work, then do not grab everything you see. Refrain from being greedy. Because the first thing your eyes will turn to is always something high-calorie, carbohydrate and cholesterol. Simply buy what is in the following list: fresh vegetables, lean fish, poultry, fruit juices, whole-grain bread.

21. Jump away from cellulite. The cheapest and most fun way to bring the legs and buttocks in a decent shape is a jumping rope. Do it 10 minutes under the cheerful music every morning before you take a shower, and every evening after work. The effect of it is superb!

22. Even if you are hungry do not gulp it… It does not give you anything good to gulp your food in a hurry. Carefuller cover the table, beautifully arrange the food on small plates. Calmly and happily chew each piece of food because the brain only registers saturation of the stomach after a quarter of an hour. Those who are too fast to swallow food will eventually eat a lot at the end.

23. Slow the beat down… Did you know that under a cheerful music, people usually eats more than they needed actually. The faster the beat of the music, the more energetic you become and the more you move your jaws. This is especially true for women, since women are so receptive to music. Therefore, those who want to lose weight, it is recommended to have a snack while listening to something smooth and mellow.

24. Not the hunger, so cold. Cold Rubdown will give a good effect. Get a little melted ice cubes and rub your belly, buttocks and legs. Then carefully, rub dry these areas with a towel; this will stimulate the blood flow. Then you can apply to the problem areas anti-cellulite cream or a special gel for skin elasticity.

25. Main idea – get to the point. Proponents of Oriental Medicine offers help through acupressure. Inside your room hiding from a;; these nice smells from the kitchen, find the deepening on the big toe and massage it for about two minutes. This helps to dampen the feeling of hunger and stimulates the metabolism. Another point to help cope with hunger is in the hollow between the nose and upper lip. If you massage this place for one minute the hunger won’t remind of itself so strongly.

26. Never disregard breakfast. Due to our busy lifestyle or some reasons, our breakfast is usually consists of only a cup of coffee with poor sandwich. A proper breakfast is a guarantee that for lunch and dinner you will save at least 200 calories. What you eat on breakfast is your decision but we recommend dairy products. with daily intake of 1,000 mg of calcium, which corresponds to two glasses of milk, in a year, you lose about 4 kg.

27. Put on pants and go. Your training will be more effective if you buy special sports pants with sauna effect of neoprene. However, these pants are not recommended to wear for women with gynecological problems, as well as those who suffer from diseases in the kidneys and bladder. But make sure to take it off after your workout. After a workout, take a shower and rub the thighs, buttocks and stomach area then dry it with a towel.

28. Cleanliness – the guarantee of health. Make it a rule: every time after eating (even if it is just a slight snack), you must brush your teeth. What will it give? Firstly, it is a very effective prevention of dental caries and secondly, you will gradually wean from the habit of taking snacks between meals.

29. Appetite comes at midnight. Do you know that a person who dines with a company of friends consumes about one-third more than what would have eaten alone? What usually happens is some people will take the share of others while having a fun conversation. Should you want to eat with a company, try to eat before a mirror. We’re not kidding! Psychologists from the Institute of Clinical Nutrition really practice this method.

30. Can you smells it? Excess weight can be fought by the use of different essential oils especially when it comes to local areas of your body like in hips, abdomen and buttocks. Here is a recipe you should try! Mix 50 ml walnut oil with oils of cypress and juniper (7 drops), add 5 drops of orange oil, gently apply the mixture on the skin and wrap up their first film, and top with a towel.

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