All You Need To Know About Weight Loss Patch

AcaiPatch4With the continued increase of ailments related to obesity, more and more people are trying their best to live a healthy life or at least try products that will help them lose weight. However, with so many products flooding in the market for weight loss such as diet pills, slimming coffee, slimming tea and weight loss patches, customers are having a hard time in choosing which is which. The more hesitation happened to many customers in buying certain products or brands because all of these products are claiming effectiveness. Therefore, you need to know everything about weight loss products before trying it. And though weight loss patch seems normal and can be found everywhere, there are still things that you need to know about weight loss patch.

A weight loss patch or also known as “diet patch” is the new and innovative way of administering weight loss supplements. What is more special about these products is it is not taken orally like slimming pills, coffee or tea. It is administered transdermally, or through the skin surface. And since it is on the skin surface, a weight loss patch, therefore, is a small self-adhesive bandage like substance placed on a smooth part of the skin. Users can place the self-adhesive bandaid-like patch on the tummy, arm or thigh that helps to suppress appetite and increase metabolism. The ingredients of these patches penetrate through the inner layer of the skin and get absorbed into the bloodstream, where the real effects can take place. The content is absorbed over a span of 24 hours, and the effects are said to be may continue for weeks.Slim-Kick-Weight-Loss-Slimming-Patch

Therefore, weight loss patches functions in two different ways the moment that it is placed in the body or in the skin. Its first function is it helps suppress the appetite. As a result, it reduces the overall amount of food ingested which consequently results in a reduction in overall daily calorie intake. And the second function of weight loss patch is it increases the body metabolism which is a way helps burn more calories. This double-edged approach of diet patches has the potential to drastically increase a dieter’s fat burning ability.

Though the exact formula and ingredients of a weight loss patch are of course trade secrets of the manufacturers, but some experts on weight loss products can tell and identify the ingredients. And despite the claim of many weight loss patches manufacturers that their products are 100% natural ingredients and are harmless, not all available patches are truly natural. And most diet patches on the market today are essentially a blend of the following active ingredients which includes:

Slim Weight Patch System1. Guarana – a metabolism-boosting stimulant.

2. Chromium – for reducing appetite and regulating blood sugars.

3. 5-HTP – a neurotransmitter that elevates mood and also increases metabolism.

4. Garcinia Cambogia – blocks absorption of carbohydrates in the body.

5. Hoodia – an appetite suppressant.