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Weight loss is a billion dollar business. Everyone wants to lose weight, the easy way. The easy way for some, may not work for others. The weight loss patch is gaining steam in this very competitive market. Many people choose this weight loss product as it fits most needs and busy lifestyles.

Weight loss patch manufactures claim their product is the best. They claim to control appetite, boost metabolism, balance weight loss hormones, reduce how much water we retain, get rid of toxins, increase our energy, all while burning fat and retaining muscle, elevating mood, helping with digestion and blocking carbohydrate consumption.




While having all these benefits, a lot of diet patches are all natural, and most of these weight loss patches are safe to use. The top selling weights lose patches usually include natural substances like sea kelp extract or, Fucus Vesiculosus. Sea kelp has been shown to reduce cravings, improve thyroid function, aids in breaking down fat, and improves digestion. Garcinia Cambogia, which is a South Indian fruit, has been shown to decrease appetite, burn fat and lower cholesterol. Guarana from a bush in Brazil, can stimulate the metabolism, fight fatigue, pick up mood, and decrease appetite. And finally Chromium Picolinate, which is a mineral that helps insulin function, and reduces the carb to fat conversion.

People who want to lose weight; this is the aid for you. I have lost 10 pounds and I’m very happy. I had no trouble at all sleeping. If youre motivated to lose weight, this product really helped me. 5 Stars, highly recommended!!


I’ve been using this patch for about three months now. I originally got it from CVS.com (sorry Amazon, that’s where I saw it), and interestingly they don’t seem to be selling it anymore. I have an underactive thyroid for which I take medication, but still it has been difficult for me to keep from gaining weight, never mind lose it (which I’ve been trying to do too). I am under 200 lbs, though, just for frame of reference. For the first two months the diet patch worked great, suppressing my appetite and eliminating waste. This works by using elements that stimulate the thyroid and I could see that it was working by my experience with my thyroid activity! However, I have become increasingly aware that difficulty in sleeping is part of increased thyroid activity and recently, I have been having horrid nightmares throughout the night, every night. It has gotten so bad that I am going to quit the patch for a while, even though I had ordered extra since I liked so much how much it was working. I can’t be sure that the nightmares are because of the patch, but I am not eating or drinking before bed and am not under stress. I don’t tend to have nightmares, and having an underactive thyroid, falling asleep has NEVER been a problem for me, even with my regular medication. I had checked with a doctor and asked pharmacists before using the diet patch and they said it should be okay. My blood pressure has remained stable and my skin was never irritated, which is really weird because I have EXTREMEMLY sensitive skin with psoraisis!! However, I just can’t take the nightmares and will lay off for a while…I do plan to use this occasionally in the future, though, just not as much on a regular basis. It really did suppress my appetite. It helped eliminate waste great at first, but not so much later. And that gas (sorry to be gross but I want to give you the facts!) at first…well, it was worth it if it meant I might lose some weight! Since I’ve started dieting I’ve lost 18 lbs. but that was not all with this patch. I recommend the diet patch, but with reservations. I believe it does have side effects, in contrast to its marketing. Be careful and don’t order a lot of it at once, even if it seems to be great even after two months. Because during that third month, things crept up on me! I am hoping to get some real sleep soon without waking up literally every hour with a nightmare!! I wonder if you can become “used to” this patch and it works differently after a time period…it seemed to work best for me around the 3-6 week period.


I purchased this product with the thought that I was just throwing my money away. I have used the patches for 2 months and have lost about 15 lbs and a lot of inches. I ate less, had more energy and feel great. I have recommended the patches to all of my friends who have all had some type of result. This is not a miricle product but it has worked better than any other patch or pill that I have tried before. Some of my friends had to use 2 pathes at a time to achieve results I only used 1. This product is great.

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The patch is worn right on the skin. This lets the substance in the patch get into the bloodstream fast, over a period of time, usually 24 hours or so. They look like a large band-aid and can be placed in discrete areas of the body.



I’ve been using this for only a week now (on patch #2) and I’ve already lost an inch off my waist, hips, and thighs. I haven’t lost any weight specifically, but any doctor will tell you that weight is not a measure of getting slimmer, losing inches is. I did get the red patch of skin like everyone else; I put some hydogen peroxide on it (don’t have any rubbing alcohol) and it seems to have mostly gone away in the past couple of days. That parts annoying but the weight loss is worth it! I don’t feel hungry very often and my cravings are down to almost nothing (unfortunately, though, when I DO eat because I feel obligated to I end up eating more than I did before because my body is hungry even if I don’t feel it!)

Still, though, I excercised twice this week and it really exaggerated the effects. Of course you won’t lose weight sitting on your bum, the patches are meant as an AID, not a cure-all.

The only downside (besides the red splotch on your back) is that I sweat a lot more and it’s harder to get to sleep at night. Still, though, I think it’s worth it and I would recommend it.

Source: http://www.amazon.com/Slim-Form-Patch-Weight-Loss/product-reviews/B0000TME0U

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