Do Weight Loss Patches Work?

With so many dubious diet aids on the market, it’s not surprising that people wonder if the new weight patches work. As with any medical device there are several factors involved, but recent studies suggest that yes, diet patches are be effective.


There are two types of patches on the market today. One works by containing a mix of herbs and other natural ingredients that are absorbed through the skin. Commonly used ingredients include garcinia cambogia, hoodia gordonii, guarana and several types of seaweed. Once absorbed, they work to help suppress appetite and speed up metabolism.
According to manufacturers, a patch is more effective than tablets containing the same ingredients because the patch delivers a continuous dose. A newer type of patch, based on aromatherapy, uses scent to keep appetite at bay.

Since neither patch contains pharmaceuticals, little research has been done. However, one study published in a medical journal found an average loss of two percent of body weight over six months. Another study found a loss of fifteen percent. The difference in outcomes may be due to motivation among participants in the study. Patches aren’t a magic bullet. As with any weight loss program, eating a healthy diet and getting plenty of exercise make a bottom line difference.


One thing consumers should be aware of is that the FDA does not standardize manufacture of patches. This means that the product of this type is only as good as its maker. An herbal mixture that is not finely ground cannot be properly absorbed. A manufacturer who weakens the scent solution to save money may be producing an ineffective aid. Consumers are advised to research brands and buy from reputable sources. That said, patches offer real help to the thousands of people who who want to lose weight safely.

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