Can Acai Berry Help You To Lose Weight?

People call this small purple berry different names: “the pearl of the Amazon”, “Brazilian Viagra”, “fountain of youth”, “super berry”. World population suddenly discovered this miracle of nature after the publication of the studies results of the properties of acai in 2004. To date, this berry has firmly taken the leading place as an antioxidants among all natural products. Let’s learn more about its origins and unique properties.
This baby grows in the South American palm tree, which grows up to 30 m. This type of palm trees you can find in tropical Amazonian forests, closer to the river delta. Commercial growing region – Brazil, where the berries are called “Brazilian milk.”

Acai formed large clusters, apparently remotely resembling grape. Crop of berries with a palm usual weight is 4 to 7 kg. Locals gather them manually because berries are too soft. Dark purple rounded fruit is somewhat reminiscent of fine grapes or blueberries. A small amount of pulp is formed around a large pit. If we talk about the taste of acai, it is somewhat difficult to describe. Some note the similarity with raspberries or blackberries, others feel notes of nuts and dark chocolate, and still others focus on a slightly salty aftertaste.


At home, acai eaten fresh, you can made juices from them and energy drinks, added to ice cream, desserts, sauces and pies. Aboriginals call Acai palm tree”tree of life” and it is, indeed, the true. What useful in the “pearl of the Amazon?” Let’s see…


Useful properties

Sometimes acai berries called “Vitamin pills”. You just think about the number of different components that little fruit contains  – 3000 (!).

Acai berries contain huge amount of antioxidants and amino acids, essential fatty acids and proteins, steroids and vegetable fiber, minerals and vitamins.


Due to the high content of plant steroids and omega-3 / omega-6  acai berry consumption significantly lowers the cholesterol level and protects against atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease, arrhythmia and high blood pressure.

Purification and Weight Loss

Improves digestion, removes harmful toxins, burn calories, there is a marked reduction in weight. With regular use acai is better absorbed, and the acceleration of metabolism will help to forget the concept of “overweight.” Hair, skin and nails are ideal, because a large amount of minerals and vitamins in acai.


Acai – colossal energy source for the human body. Regular consumption of miracle berries will allow you to literally “fly” from morning till late evening. You forget what a sleepy mood in the morning and sudden bouts of fatigue in the middle of the day. There is evidence that thanks to this property, acai berry is consumed by all athletes of Brazil.

In addition acai stimulates mental activity. During a serious intellectual loads they can replace the traditional coffee and chocolates. And benefits from this little berry will be much greater.

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