Burn The Fat

Lets face it – it is not pleasant to be overweight. You do not look good and you do not feel good. Plus you are not healthy. So to become better you you need to change. Not for anyone else – for you. And if you have kids you are example for them, you need to show them the right way, the healthy way of living.


Become a better you – burn the fat.

Do not listen to people saying “You need to love yourself just the way you are”. This way you will never change, never evolve, never reach your goal (you will never even have a goal this way).

And the first thing you need to change – your head. Even if you think sometimes that you a little bit overweight and need to loose some weight but dip inside you are quite OK with that – you will stay the same. Change your thinking, change your representation of yourself, change the picture of yourself in your head. This will be a grate start.

Only after you change your way of thinking you can move to actual fat burning. Otherwise it will be all in wain – you can loose your weigh temporally but it will get you back where you was and maybe even worse.

After you set yourself in the right direction everything will be mach more easier – you will find an exercise routine which will work for you, and you will find a diet plan which is work for you. Because everything starts in your head.

So lets change yourself – lets burn the fat.



The 3 Week Diet


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