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You probably read a lot of information about Raspberry Ketone for now and four out all you needed to know about it. If you decided to try Raspberry Ketone for weight loss first you need to read some reviews to determine what other people saying about it and is there positive reviews on the internet.


55-64 Male on Treatment for 1 to 6 months (Consumer)

My wife and I both exercise and try to eat healthy, but had trouble keeping weight off. Since taking raspberry ketone 2X500mg per day to start we have both lost weight, 10 lbs for my wife 12 for me. We are now taking 1 500mg a day and holding our own. We have had no side effects.


Nuts4health, 25-34 Female on Treatment for less than 1 month (Consumer)

I loved how it had so many positives .. Hair loss skin cleared up and I c a difference n my skin… Sad points I’m a diabetic my sugars went haywire.. And my Bp went crazy as well .. I felt sweaty, restless. anxious and kinda mean ? So what I’m saying is as long as your healthy I think it would b perfect …


not impressed, Female on Treatment for less than 1 month

I have been taking this for over 3 weeks and found no benefit at all. Goes to show that nothing works for weight loss other than eating right and exercise. There is no magic fix people. Dont waste your money.

Source: http://www.webmd.com/vitamins-supplements/ingredientreview-1262-RASPBERRY+KETONE.aspx?drugid=1262&drugname=RASPBERRY+KETONE.


This product has a lot of positive reviews. Some poeple have side effects but was really sad that they should stop taking Raspberry Ketone – because of the results they have.

It has few negative reviews but I think these people used Raspberry Ketone only short time and their body didn’t react properly yet. In my opinion the best time to say about effectiveness of the weight loss aid is 1-2 month.

Some other reviews:


so so :-/, 19 Sep 2013
By LoveLondon (Barnet) – See all my reviews
I bought this product after I got a spam email from my dad (his account got hacked) I thought it was him making a hint that I needed to lose weight.

Delivery and packaging was good.

I did notice my energy levels improve, I didn’t feel skittish. One issue though, after 3 weeks of taking the tablets my skin started to dry, my hands became so dry that they started peeling! I went to my doctors and they told me to stop taking the tablets and to use a prescribed skin lotion. Within 2 weeks my skin got better. I thought I would give the tablets another try and again the same thing happened so now have 2 tubs of the Green Tablets and 2 tubs of the raspberry tablets I can’t use. I’m back to the usual dieting and exercise regime. No pain, no gain.


Ketones for weight loss, 16 Sep 2013
I had a baby last year and it has been tough for me to lose the extra weight I put on during pregnancy. I was walking the baby in the stroller a few times a week but couldn’t do any serious exercising. It has been tough to eat healthy since I don’t have a lot of time to plan means but since I’ve been taking Raspberry Ketone Burn I have felt like I have more control over my health and weight loss. I set a goal to try and lose 4 Kilos this month while taking this supplement and over the last week I have already lost 1.5 Kilos. I am glad this supplement is proving to be effective and help me reach my goals. I also feel like I have more energy during the day to keep up with everything which has been a huge help for me.


6kg down already, 16 Sep 2013
My entire life I have been struggling with weight gain. I try my very best to eat healthy and do some exercising. In the past 35 days I have used this raspberry ketone burn and I have managed to lose 6kg without making any significant alterations to my lifestyle. I like to walk a lot and I try to avoid any kind of fried food. The very first thing I’ve noticed was the energy boost. After just 4 days I noticed that my appetite was reduced. It was hard to fall asleep when I took these after dinner or before bed, but now I take the pills in the morning to correct it and things are right on track and I’m satisfied with these results. The ketones taste and smell great, not weird like fish oil. Glad I started using these and will continue to take the ketones for even more weight loss results.

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