Acai Weight Loss – Is It Really Working?

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Acai berry is another product we put under the slogan “Eat and get thin”. This is the fruit of a tropical plant from Brazil. You can easily buy acai berry for weight loss in a pharmacy in dried form, they are also sold in fresh form in health food stores, but are very expensive. The most accessible form is to buy it online, and you can find lots of different stores which sell it now. The product tastes like … juice from the assorted berries. But we are going to look at the qualities and properties, especially fat-burning, of this product.

Facts about the use of acai for weight loss

Berries are a source of fiber, antioxidants and minerals. At the same time, the number of antioxidants acai juice is superior to apple, but inferior grape. Acai rich in vegetable oils, according to some sources, reinforcing the action of antioxidants. In general, berries are good as a “moderator” free radicals, and additional dietary means for slowing the aging process as well as many other diseases.

And here is the information that antioxidants increase the effect of conventional training 400 times, but it is not a scientific fact. At least on the resources offered by the publication of research results in the field of nutrition in the United States itself nothing to support this fact was found. By the way, this fact is mentioned in the advertisement, in which reference is made to the fact that Oprah Winfrey loose weight with these berries. The very same icon of American television claims that she was not losing weight with berries, and with the help of quite simple reduction diet and exercise.

Calories of acai berries, incidentally, is not so small – 160 calories, including 33 grams of carbohydrates, and about 4 grams of protein. In fact, most of the calories with berries comes from fructose. That is why the berries are so fond of athletes – they this energy in large quantities. Moreover, acai juices are very different in quality, and the caloric content. In Brazil, it is also believed that the juice of acai berries help to maintain youthful skin and prevent skin diseases. They also improve digestion and promote the natural body cleansing.


How to use acai berry for weight loss

We can say now that acai is rather high calorie fruits, especially for those who are sitting on a restrictive diet and can not use the food in large quantities. Most of the “advertising” acai in blogs advise it as post-workout snack, to provide a more rapid recovery of muscles.

Eating berries, of course, does not exempt you from counting calories. From the point of view of appetite reduction qualities and fullness it is better to eat acai with a small amount of nuts or seeds, as well as with cheese, white meat (of mashed berries turns out to be a tasty sauce), and other sources of protein.

Furthermore, berries can be added to your snack as a fruit smoothie drinks or you can add a handful of acai berries to any standard recipe with 100 ml Greek yogurt with increased protein content, or cottage cheese.

If you are not tolerant of carbohydrates and feel the “sugar rush” after eating of sweets or fruit, it is better not to drink your acai cocktails in the evening and transfer them to the first half of the day and try to eliminate in this day all sweets and dried fruits.


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