5 Best Fat Burning Foods

There are also foods that are considered fat burners and it would help a lot in your fat burning program if you’ll add them to your diet. Below are the top 5 fat burning foods:

Lean meat


For meat lovers who still want to burn fat, you can now rejoice! Lean meat will never be missing in any fat burning plan as its high protein content helps minimize your cravings while repairing your cells and building your muscle mass. Protein has a high thermogenic effect – meaning, you burn around 30% of the calories you took on your meal during digestion. Best choices for lean meat are white meat poultry, turkey, and salmon or tuna.

Hot peppers


The main ingredient of hot peppers that is responsible for burning fats is Capsaicin. This compound heats up your body thus making you lose extra calories thru respiration. It may not work like a magic pill, but it does help in removing some extra fats.



This fat burning fruit is a favorite by many fitness and health buff because of its low cholesterol content and high antioxidant property. It also helps your cardiovascular system to carry out well during your workout. Blueberries also are loaded with vitamins and fiber which will help you regulate your sugar and carbohydrates intake. You can add berries to your oatmeal or toss them on a low-fat yogurt as your snack.



Contrary to what others believe, eggs are not high in fats and cholesterol. Yeah, it does raise cholesterol but it only raises the level of HDL cholesterol which is, in fact, a good cholesterol. Eggs are also considered as the powerhouse protein and vitamin B12 which makes it very essential for fat burning. The truth is the protein found in eggs is considered as the highest biological value of protein, much better than the proteins found in lean meat and milk. Aside from that, eggs also contain Omega 3 fatty acids which make your cardiovascular system healthy; and phosphatidylcholine, a nutrient crucial in regenerating the liver.



Oatmeal may be considered as a carbohydrate but it does help you in getting and staying lean; not to mention that many nutrients found in it. It is a good source of energy especially when you are working out. It also has a very high content of fiber that contains beta-glucan which is known to stabilize the blood sugar of people with type II diabetes.

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